Photo for ID Card

<p>From a Facebook group:</p>

<p>Word of caution on taking a photo for the ID card. Standard issued camera (or smart phones) take very high megapixel photos. Too heavy for the system to handle. I set my camera on a single megapixel and it worked just fine. A smart phone (HD) and a 5 megapixel camera was way too much. Don't waste your time trying to uplaod it.</p>

<p>We had the same problem when my son did it a little while ago.</p>

<p>the photo i uploaded is pretty much all our son's head if that helps. i took this year's school picture, scanned it at 300 dpi then cropped it to the pixel specifics the Tiger Card website stipulates. all in, took about an hour. but the delay was related to that i was trying to get as much of his neck and shirt as possible but in the end just gave in. i have an approved picture email.</p>

<p>If you schedule your oritentation (or sping invite) and received a confirmation email of your selected date, then you shoul dhave had instructions that directed you to the Tiger site. Try going into and typing Tiger Card. It will take you to their site. The email, however, had a link that took you directly there.</p>

<p>i would not worry with taking a fresh picture on 1 megapixel, just scan your Senior photo on 150 dpi and work from there. that's what i did anyway.</p>