<p>When I finished Part 1 online I had to print out a form that I signed a bunch of times, and on the bottom it requested a photo of myself. I was about to send that form in, but then I noticed that in the Part 2 section of the online app there's a place to upload a photo. What should I do?</p>

<p>on the submit application form it said clearly, u can either send a pic online or in the mail with the certification form.</p>

<p>I don't really understand the purpose of the photo...</p>

<p>That'd be horrible if they took your "looks" into consideration. Who looks like a nerd, who doesn't.</p>

<p>don't worry about it! you don't need to send a photo. it might be helpful in some ways because it allows your regional director to recognise you, but you might already know them, or you might never meet them so mostly I think it's to give beleaguered work study students something to laugh about...</p>

<p>haha well i have met my regional director... i talked to her maybe for 15 - 20 minutes , but she must meet so many people. Do you really think she'd be able to recognize me just by seeing my picture?
haha just some thouughts...</p>

<p>kitman - the part about putting faces to names is what i'm not sure about - that's what they say they use them for. It might well be helpful and get people to think "hey, i remember that kid." The part about work-study students laughing at the more bizarre pictures is 100% true.</p>


<p>THis is what I"m looking at:</p>

<p>Online: As the Admissions staff read your folder, it is always gratifying for us to be able to match an application with the face of someone who we may have met during the year. To this end, please feel free to upload your photograph below.</p>

<p>Please insert your photo as a picture in a word document.Do not upload files of any other type. No JPG files, please. The file cannot exceed 250 KB in size. Also, please do not attempt to upload a document that is password-protected. This will cause the process to fail. Upload your photo document into your application module after it has been saved properly. </p>

<p>To upload a document in response to this question, please click the 'upload' button below. If your upload is successful, you will see a 'view document' button and a 'delete' button appear next to the question. </p>

<p>Paper: "If you have not paid your application fee online by credit card, please include your check or fee waiver request form. In addition, as the Admissions staff reads your folder it is always gratifying for us to be able to match an applicaiton with the face of someoen who we may have met during the year. To this end, while optional, we would appreicate your attaching ar ecent pohtograph to this page.</p>

<p>LoL my parents are convinced that the only reason they want to see your picture is not to "match a name with a face"... but rather, to make sure their acceptees are of different ethnicities... aka they use the picture in order to determine your race... LoL are my parents crazy? what are the drawbacks of NOT sending in a picture?! Thanks to any1 that responds to this...</p>

<p>I sent two copies of my picture, one online and one in print (same picture though). I had to photoshop it a little though b/c i had redeye and i tried to fix it so my eyes look funny. I met a bunch of people that are in the room when they look at the app so thats why I sent the application. My college counselor said it was probably also for diversity reasons.</p>

<p>Ok well if i haven't met any1... is there any disadvantage to NOT sending it? I dont' want to be looked down upon... also how could i get in contact with some Penn admissions officers.. b/c right now, Penn is my #1 choice, even though i'm applying regular</p>

<p>i'm talkin about like my regional director or some1 like that... Thanks</p>