Photography programs with associated museums

<p>I've mentioned the Daytona State College/SCPS a few times over the years as an excellent photography program at an astonishingly affordable cost. My niece is a student there and the instructors are very involved with the students, with all kinds of opportunities for the novice to experienced emailed to the students and alumni weekly, if not daily. This just in from the chair of the department; I thought those seeking a quality program might be interested:</p>

<p>Dear Colleagues,</p>

<p>Please take a look at this article published in the recent edition of PDN.Edu, the leading magazine for photo educators and students.</p>

<p>It highlights the Daytona State College/University of Central Florida photography programs and the Southeast Museum of Photography (aka Southeast Center for Photographic Studies). The George Eastman House/Ryerson University and International Center for Photography are also included in the special report.</p>

<p>PDN</a> Edu - Fall 2013</p>

<p>Also, please check out the Daytona State ad that features a quote and photograph by Stephen Crowley, SE Center alumnus. If you are a Facebook friend of Stephen's please tell him thanks! Thanks also goes to all those who contributed to the Special Report including Jill Waterman, Editor. </p>

<p>PDN</a> Edu - Fall 2013</p>

<p>Actually it is best to start at the beginning of the magazine as it is an excellent publication.</p>

<p>PDN</a> Edu - Fall 2013</p>

<p>Please share this report with your friends and colleagues who are interested in photography.</p>

<p>Thanks in advance,</p>


<p>Dan Biferie, Chair
Daytona State College School of Photography
Southeast Center for Photographic Studies</p>