<p>Can anyone help me identify 4 year residentially oriented schools with a photography major? My passion is wildlife photography. I am a junior and am still waiting for PSAT scores.</p>

<p>Rochester Institute of Technology is known for photography: RIT</a> : College of Imaging Arts & Sciences
Also, check out this program in the UK:
Marine</a> & Natural History Photography BA(Hons) Degree | Photography, Natural, History, Marine | University College Falmouth - University College Falmouth</p>

<p>For your particular area of interest in photography, you should consider majoring in wildlife biology or a related area (e.g., zoology, marine biology, environmental studies, etc.) and combining that with a photography major/coursework or just taking specialized non-degree workshops in wildlife/environmental photography.</p>

<p>If you majored in wildlife biology, then your best school choices are going to be at landgrant public universities that have schools of natural resources/forestry or colleges of agriculture/natural resources. Many schools, public and private, large and small, have environmental studies programs. Some schools to consider U Minnesota, U Wisconsin, Montana State, U Georgia, Western Washington, U Washington, Montana State, Prescott C., SUNY-Syracuse, Cornell, Duke, Colorado State, College of the Atlantic, and Middlebury.</p>

<p>Montana State (MFA</a> in Science and Natural History Filmmaking @ MSU - Homepage) and American U. (Center</a> for Environmental Filmmaking | American University School of Communication) also have programs in natural history/environmental film-making, if you have any interests in that area, but I believe they're primarily master's programs.</p>

<p>Some other links:
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