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That’s great! Hopefully, your location is conducive for the hummers to stick around all year so you have ample opportunities to photography them. Unfortunately for me, today marks the day that has gone by without seeing a single hummer, meaning the last of them has finally took off on a long migration south.

Dang it, in my mind TiggerDad and Tigerwife92 are a happy couple. But obviously not. I guess there would be major differences in parenting styles :slight_smile:


We’re in the southeast; it’s still in the 90s here. Several species of birds and butterflies will start migrating through in a couple weeks, so our Lantana will be covered in Monarchs soon. The hummingbirds have been going crazy this week, so they’re getting ready to move further south. Enjoying all of them while we can.

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The moon was particularly lovely last night as I stood in my garden…


Not happy photos today. Last night we had a huge storm, 70mph winds, and it knocked down our giant pine tree- right onto both of our cars, as well as our power line and smaller trees that took down our fencing.

How frustrating! I’m glad all of the humans are ok, but nonetheless, how frustrating. Sending virtual hugs and chainsaws.


Before the storm, though, a beautiful night sky last night.


I hate it when we lose beautiful trees like that. I’m glad you are all right, but such a pain to deal with.

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He’s darling!

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Sunset atop Haleakala Maui, HI last Thursday - went up after hearing my nephew died of brain cancer. He lived in Australia and we’d never met in person. I was supposed to go in April 2020…we had plans to go to the Canowindra International Balloon Challenge - alas that was not to happen. Hug your loved ones.


Oh no, @milgymfam! Didn’t you just buy one of those cars? I am so sorry!

Omg @milgymfam… what a scare. Glad no one was harmed. But what a PITA to replace a car during Covid times! Hugs.


So sorry about your nephew. Hugs.

Yup, one is a month or so old and the other is about 1.5 years old. That one, this was an interesting photo- last sticker standing. Ha.

So sorry. That picture is worth a thousand words and hopefully future moments of peace.

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OMG two cars lost? And that beautiful tree. Hugs.

Very lucky to have this beautiful town-owned farm across the street from me.


So sorry about your nephew. COVID has messed with so many things. I’ve gotten up at 3 AM multiple times to do the drive up there. (Once for it to turn cloudy and rainy right before sunrise). Beautiful pic.

OMG - glad you and your family are OK, but what a PIA to deal with, especially during COVID. I hope insurance is good to you.


Nooooo, not the Doctor Who sticker! In all seriousness, sorry about all the damage; glad you’re all o.k.

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