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I’ve never seen it so clear in San Francisco! What an impressive picture! The smoke looks eerie off in the distance…almost like an enemy ship in a sci-fi movie!

Some day…Niagara Falls. Must do. And it’s doable from where we live.

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I’ve loved all my visits to Niagara Falls. It’s lovely.

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We love it there too. Each time I go now I think, “Oh, same old, same old” when plotting the trip. Then I get there and love every moment of walking around Goat Island or the falls - plus Maid of the Mist, etc.

I heard a show once that mused about the ionization of water being the cause of some folks’ love of waterfalls. If there’s any truth to that, I’m in the group it works for.

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Happy hour at the bay, with views of downtown, the Majestic Princess in port for the day, the USS Midway Museum, and a pair of outrigger canoes.

Edit - and the Star of India at the far left.


I have a friend that paddles in the outrigger canoes.

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Nothing mischievous here…