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Wow! Stunning!

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Choatie, beautiful! there was not much bloom when I was there late March. That cholla is incredible.

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My daughter got married here on Saturday. It was a perfect day. It was the first wedding they had this year.

PS Old South Meeting House, Boston


How cool a wedding venue - congrats

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What a great place to get married!

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Wedding pictures (no people): church, reception site (Mooo Restaurant Wine Cellar)


There really is just water everywhere you turn here, and I find so much peace in that.


The land of 10,000 lakes! Beautiful

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One of my favorites from Hong Kong.


Little pup in her happy place :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


SDGE replacing a power pole across the street. We had front row seats from our house. And if I ever need a heavy duty telescoping 100 foot crane, I now know who to call!




Love the scaffolding! OSHA would have a stroke!

But check out the safety harness! :wink:

My “green” guy is always looking for new uses for bamboo!

It is rather amazing just how strong that plant is.

Bamboo is actually used extensively for scaffolding in eastern countries. Even for extremely tall buildings.

I know, right? Harnass? Ack! I did a double take. We were in the top of a doubledecker bus stuck in traffic.

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Yes, it always amazed me on our trips to HK. I found this article if anyone is interested in the history and possible future of this type of scaffolding: Bamboo scaffolding: Why does Hong Kong still use it in construction? | Goldthread

Thanks for that link about bamboo scaffolding that was really interesting.

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Either my eyes are going bad or two of these chickens don’t look like the others…

Making his escape!

Look ma, no wings!

Full confession, we toss birdseed out with our chicken feed because I love the songbirds… cardinals, blue jays, sparrows, chickadees, finches - even bluebirds - you name it, we probably have it. Feeding inside the chicken tractor keeps the sharpshinneds (hawks) away from them. When we had a typical feeder outside our window it was a buffet for the sharpshinneds…