Physical therapy and athletic training

<p>I am finishing up my junior year and i cannot decide which of these to pick from</p>

<p>Is there a way to get a degree in athletic training and my doctorate in physical therapy?</p>

<p>Or should i major in kinesiology?</p>

<p>Or what else could i do?</p>

<p>Yep! I am an athletic training major, it is one of the best majors to be to do physical therapy in grad school. As long as you do the pre-reqs needed for PT school you could be a business major if you wanted. But Athletic Training is a good major for PT because you do a lot of the pre-reqs within your major. I do need to take some of the required courses like Chem II and Physics I and II as electives. But most of the courses I was already required to take like statistics, bio, anatomy and physiology, chem, psyc and kinesiology. It is also good because you get hands on experience working like a PT as an undergrad with student athletes. If you pass the AT examination when you graduate you can also be in more demand as a PT because you have a speciality in sports medicine. Other options are kinieseology, exercise science, biology major etc, but AT major is the way to go! Hope this helps :)</p>

<p>Thanks mochakt. Anyone else?</p>