Physical Therapy Program

My son was admitted into Hartford’s BS/DPT program. He also got in to Quinnipiac’s program. Does anybody have any info on pros and cons of each?

Congratulations to your son on his acceptances. I don’t have pros/cons but I can point you to information that might help to inform his decision. For what it’s worth US News ranks PT and other health-related grad programs at Of nearly 200 programs Quinnipiac is 118 and Hartford is 154. Also, both schools’ graduates do well on the PT licensing exam, see

He (you) might also consider the scale and scope of the schools where each program is housed. At Hartford the PT program is part of a relatively small college of Education (think degrees leading to teaching careers) and Health Professions with adequate facilities to support PT and a handful of other health-related programs. Hartford is now directing additional resources to a new BSN program. Quinnipiac’s School of Health Sciences is an academic center with comprehensive health-related offerings at the undergrad and grad level. I believe you’ll find Quinnipiac’s facilities at the Center for Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences to be first rate. When visiting the schools be sure to go beyond the general campus tour to see the PT and other health related facilities so he can compare for himself. You might have to arrange for this separately and in advance.

A final, general observation about both schools. Hartford has a 6-year graduation rate of about 56% (4 year of approx. 45%), Quinnipiac’s 6-year graduation rate is about 76% (4 year of approx. 68%). So Quinnipiac does a better job in terms of getting their students to the finish line.

Hope you find this information helpful.

Thanks for the info.