Physician Assistant Direct Admit programs

I know this is an old thread, but I’d love any feedback anyone with kids who are applying to direct-entry PA programs recently. Or those involved in this 2 year old thread whose kids are further along in their programs. My D23 has developed her list as she gears up to apply in the fall. A few are direct-entry, accelerated programs, but most are not since she really wants to have a more “typical” college experience, such as trying out for dance team if they have one. She is at least considering these schools to at least have some comparisons. Many of the schools do have a pre-PA track and their own PA programs that give preference to their own students, but she would have to apply to those.

She took the ACT twice (29 and 30) and has a 4.0 unweighted/4.42 weighted GPA. She’s been on her varsity dance team since freshman year, works part time in her off-season and volunteers at our local hospital once a week that she started this summer. She’s part of several honor societies that she actually participates in. She has some exciting things coming up her senior year where she will spend three class periods of her day at our local career center (also has programs for the trades and areas like that) where she will end up sitting for her CNA exam and also have direct patient experience. I’m hoping all of these things will make her a competitive applicant.

Here is where she plans to apply: (1st 3 are top 3)
Butler University (visited once, have another more in-depth one coming up)
Marquette University (visited)
Pitt (is planning to apply to their Guaranteed Admission Program for PA, also visited)
Valparaiso (visiting next week)
Duquesne University (visited)
Miami of Ohio (they have a new PA program starting, hoping to visit soon)

I think she would go to Pitt if she gets in the GAP program

Thanks for any input from anyone else going through this process for pre-PA/direct entry!! Thanks! I’d love to hear stats if possible!

@dreambig55 My future DIL didn’t do the direct admit because at first she thought she was going to med school. After a lot of thought she realized that a PA is what she really wanted to be. She had a biology undergrad and did a lot of work with underprivileged patients. She is going to Creighton in NE and loves the program. She starts in a couple of weeks. She looked at Kansas State (new program) and several other schools. She went to Kansas State undergrad (summa cum laude). She also had her CNA. Sounds like your daughter would be pretty competitive. The ACT score would be the only downside I can see. Good luck!

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While I agree that most NP’s don’t work in the OR, they still can work in surgeons’ offices. You will also find them in neuro, ortho, derm, ER, peds, as well as other specialties. The hospital where I work also employs them in cardiothoracic surgery. If they want to be in the OR, they can become certified as an RNFA and assist in surgical procedures.

I do agree that your D has a good chance to get into the GAP program at Pitts. I also agree that her weak point is her ACT, however, she should also take SAT if that will improve her chances.

I am guessing the PA GAP at Pitt is more competitive than the Nursing GAP, but D26, 3.98UW GPA got in with no test scores. Not sure if you may want to consider that?
The program at Duquesne seemed very impressive when we visited.

Hi there - I know it’s been a while since you did your Pitt application, but was Nursing GAP a checkbox we missed on the application, or was it considered automatically? D23 just got her acceptance to Pitt nursing (27), but no GAP - she was always planning direct admit PA (still in interview process for those programs), and is now thinking NP might be a good route… wondering if she could contact admissions and ask for consideration for GAP?

I am not 100% certain to be honest. I believe it was on the application as a checkbox to be considered. I would definitely reach out to see whether she can still be considered!

EDIT: Just found this on their website:

  • A separate application is not necessary for consideration. All first-year applicants to the School of Nursing will be considered for the guarantee.
  • Be in the top 10% of high school graduating class with a minimum score of 1450 SAT (combined Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math) or 33 ACT Composite score.
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Hi there, I know this is an old thread but wondering where your daughter landed and any advice you have to offer for students looking at direct-admit PA programs?