Physics 2207 vs Physics 1101 (Pre-Med)


<p>I'm trying to put together my schedule for next semester as the add/drop period is coming up. I'm a freshman right now (Bio major pre-med) and was deciding on which physics course to take next semester. So far I'm definitely taking:</p>

<p>Arabic I
Organic Chemistry 3570
Sociology 1101
Orgo Lab 2510
possibly Research (+2 credits)</p>

<p>So I was also planning on taking Physics this year, which some people don't recommend taking with Orgo but I'm fairly certain I want to pursue it. The questions is, which physics is better for a pre-med student, 2207 or 1101? Will time management be difficult if I pick 1101 over 2207?</p>


<p>Either physics course will be fine and it's pretty common to take physics and orgo together. 1101 will afford you more freedom obviously but you shouldn't take it if you're someone who needs the structure.</p>

<p>Is one typically harder to do better in though per say? And does it really suck up your life like some people say autotutorial does?</p>

<p>I'm just wondering if it would negatively affect me by taking a physics based calculus when they don't test for calculus at all on the MCATs.</p>

<p>I got a question for you too. What bio class did you take and which one do you suggest for incoming premed students?</p>

<p>Autotutorial was a piece of cake when I took it a few years ago. They might have beefed it up a little since then to match the difficulty of the Physics 2207. Honestly, it comes down to whether you want structure or not. Calculus is probably the more natural way to understand physics but you should do fine either way on the MCAT.</p>

<p>As for bio courses, if you think you have a good bio background from HS, you can take a easy 200 level bio course like evol. bio or microbio as a freshman. Otherwise, repeat intro bio.</p>


<p>You probably have seen this. But just in case, it is quite useful for pre-meds</p>

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