Physics 7A Syllabus

<p>I tried googling this but could not find the required information. The course description only mentions mechanics and wave motion. What is physics content is included under "wave motion"? Is that just standing waves, sound waves, etc? Does anyone have a syllabus? Also, I have been doing past Physics 7A questions from the tbp test bank; what percentage on average would I have to score on these midterms/finals to receive an A in the class?</p>

<p>Thanks for any replies.</p>

<p>Totally depends on the instructor. Tests are usually curved, so there is no certain score you have to get to receive an A. Just do well than others.</p>

<p>Your already way ahead of most people in 7A if you can do the midterms with no review. </p>

<p>For a challenge check out Professor Bogg's midterms.</p>