Physics 8A and Bio 1A/L for fall?

<p>Physics 8A, Bio 1A/L Fall? How much better is that compared to Bio 1b/Chem 3b fall?</p>

<p>Hey I did that last fall. It was all good. I didn't go to lectures for either (physics professor was terrible and I webcasted all of bio) but got As in both anyway. Not in Bio lab though, that was harder and more annoying.</p>

<p>Take Chem 3B in spring with Pedersen, he's awesome.</p>

<p>It says 3b is recommended for bio 1a. Does it really help?</p>

<p>Don't think so. Most people do Bio1A before or at the same time as 3B.</p>

<p>3b helps just a little bit, but it's not necessary. i took it before i took 3b and it was fine. it basically only helps for certain parts of the first section of bio 1A (cells and cellular metabolism), if you really want to deeply understand what's going on, i.e. each individual step of glycolysis and the molecules associated with them, but that depth of knowledge definitely won't be tested.</p>

<p>8A consumes less time than 3B but 1A is said to consume more time than 1B
(are you taking 3BL as well?)</p>