Physics 8A and Chem 1A...good or bad idea for 1st freshman semester?

<p>I might take both at the same time, but I need some more opinions. I took AP chem in high school, and someone on course rank said it would be a breeze if you've taken AP chem. I have no background in physics though, and I also want to have time to utilize the SLC. </p>

<p>Along with those two, if I decide to keep them both, I will take Naval Science 3 and maybe a language.</p>

<p>Very doable. Shouldn't be a problem.</p>

<p>Not too time-consuming? I want to have fun in my first semester lol like go to SF once in a while and stuff like that.</p>

<p>As long as you keep up, you should have plenty of time for other things.</p>

<p>Okay thanks.</p>

<p>I think it would depend partly on how good your AP Chem class was and how well you scored on the AP Chem exam... Physics is easy for some people and hard for others...</p>

<p>My AP chem class was almost a breeze but I didn't take the actual AP test because the seminar wouldn't fit into my schedule. However, it was also senior year! But I got an A in both parts..the only thing is that we didn't have to think about what would happen when chemicals react and what the product would be, and I'm pretty sure at Berkeley, that's what they do..?</p>

<p>I'm a math person, so maybe physics would be easy. And I guess Chem can't be too tough since it's only the introductory material (kind of).</p>

<p>Many students find Chem 1A very difficult. It is a true "weeder" class designed to get people to give up on the idea of pursuing medical school. I think you will find it challenging.</p>

<p>I never took Chemistry in HS and I got an A.</p>

<p>35% typically get A's. Grumpster's making it sound a lot harder than it actually is.</p>

<p>Some people find lower division science courses at Berkeley easy, some find them impossibly difficult. It's quite difficult to determine ahead of time which camp you'll fall into. So I recommend caution. Worst case scenario you breeze through your first semester. I can't see a downside to that.</p>

<p>Chem 1A is harder in the fall though.</p>

<p>I don't know about 8 series physics, but holy crap 7 series physics kicked my ass.</p>

<p>I took Chem 1A (4 on AP Chem exam in Senior year) and Physics 8A together (but my second semester freshman year).</p>

<p>I easily got an A in chem but physics definitely handed me my ass.</p>


<p>Just not a physics person.</p>

<p>But the point is, physics 8A = not terribly time-consuming (minus the few hours a week for MasteringPhysics), Chem 1A = slightly more time-consuming but (imo) easier.</p>

<p>Together they do make for a lot of busywork, though.</p>