physics 8a

<p>What do we need to get for physics 8a? On the student store website they list workbook, mastering physics, essential university physics package, and Essential university physics (v1).</p>

<p>Is the package the workbook, the text, and mastering physics all together, or is it something completely different?</p>

<p>You will definitely need Mastering Physics, which is the online homework program they use. The workbook, IIRC, is for lab. You should get that. I never really used the textbook when I took the course. I bought the package though because I think it was cheaper to get them all together.</p>

<p>The package includes the text, the workbook, and mastering physics. It is not something completely different then what they already list. I hate the way the student store lists's so confusing sometimes...</p>

<p>Hope that helps.</p>