Physics 8B over summer!

<p>I am considering taking physics 8b over the summer with buelher... is he a good professor? any thoughts? thank you.</p>

<p>how much work is the class compared to physics 8a? is it harder/easier?</p>


<p>you need to have a good foundation from physics 8a stuff to do well in 8b. other than that, it's about the same difficulty.</p>

<p>like what stuff from 8a mech?</p>

<p>kinematics, forces, energy, just to name a few. almost all of the electromag equations that are going to be derived for you that you are going to need to use on tests use concepts from physics 8a. i would strongly recommend you guys brush up on 8a stuff before taking 8b if you aren't extremely comfortable with those concepts.</p>

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