physics and finaid

<p>this sounds stupid but what are the best schools for physics with generternational students?</p>

<p>sorry generous financial aid for internatinal students</p>

<p>Harvard and the other ivys come to mind. But of course that assumes you have the stats for them. ;) It would help if you tell us your stats so we can make informed suggestions.</p>

<p>ok... here goes, I have a fairly decent high school transcript but I don't know my GPA (i'm an international student) and our school doesnt rank 9though my gc said i'd be in the top 2% out of a class of 164) I have marks in the 90's in all subjects other than biology where I have a B in the last term.
My SAT score: 1600
I gave SAT 2 in November in writing, Math 2c and physics, I cant really say how i've done becoz i dont know... but it wasn't TOO bad...
ec's: creative writing: I won the Scholastic short story writing competition 1st prizes in the Eastern zone and All-India catgories,a Times of India essay competition (all india) and a few inter school essay competitions within my hometown.
i help run a shelter for stray dogs
i've been playing the guitar for the past 3 years.
I am the president of the school quiz club (i was secretary last year)
i'm one of the founding members of the school computer club
i'm a trained classical kathak dancer.
I'm a school prefect which doesnt really count as an ec
(i know my ec's are a bit weak but i'm mainly concentrating on maintaining my grades)</p>

<p>Wow. I don't have the International finaid schools off the top of my head (sorry), but I'd say you're a pretty respectable candidate anywhere. If you are a good dancer, that might be a portfolio item (doesn't matter that its not your major - it shows what you can offer to the school).</p>

<p>I agree with Ohio Mom. Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Cornell would be good choices for financial aid and physics. You should have a very good shot. Good luck!!</p>

<p>thanks a lot</p>