Physics Anyone?

<p>Was just wondering if anyone was planning on majoring in physics next year with me :P</p>

<p>It’s possible, I’m still deciding.
Really thinking about all my possibilities but I have a wide range of interests, love economics, math, history, physics, computer science, so we’ll see!</p>

<p>thinking about AEP?</p>

<p>hats off to you guys, that **** is toughhhhhhh, its like AEP vs rest of engineering like how engineering is vs AEM</p>

<p>I’m in at CAS I was just thinking about focusing on theoretical but I haven’t decided yet</p>

<p>@bobfrink why is AEP tough? the website says only around 50 students choose AEP. I’m considering it.</p>

<p>I’m planning on majoring in Math with a concentration in physics. Although my first love is math, I just couldn’t pass up the idea of taking physics from the same place where Sagan and Feynman taught.</p>