Physics B and USH format

<p>I'm using the AP books to study for both AP and SATII
I was just wondering, what the format of the SATII is for physics b and US History?
it's an hour long each, right?
and are there free response, essays, or anything like that?
or is it just straight up mulitiple choice?</p>

<p>also, how many questions are there?

<p>i'm doing the same lol. each test is multiple choice, the USH format is the same as AP, w/o the essays. the physics SAT II questions are more conceptual than the AP. the are 70 questions for physics, not sure about USH, and they are both an hour long.</p>

<p>hope that helps. =)</p>

<p>yeah thanks, it does.</p>

<p>but has anyone taken both physics AP and SATII?
would i be alright just studying the AP book?</p>


<p>There are 90 questions for USH, I think. The test is an hour.</p>

<p>For physics, there's 75 MC questions, no free response. YOu have one hour to complete it. No calculators</p>