Physics, Chem, or Bio?

<p>I need to decided which Science SAT 2 to take, this is the last one I need.
I've taken an Honors level class of each subject (Bio - 9th grade, Chem -10 grade, Physics- right now)
I think self-stuyding is going to be necessary for any of these.
Which is the easiest to self-study for?
Right now, I'm leaning toward Physics because it's most recent in my mind.
Any info about curves, books, or anything would be much appreciated. Thanks!</p>

<p>hmm i've only taken the bio one, but it wasn't too bad...but then again, i took it as soon as i finished the course. so judging by that, i would suggest taking physics, because like you say, it's most recent</p>

<p>the science you're interested in the most is the same subject that you will perform well with on a test. the whole purpose of the sat subject tests is to show how strongly you're interested in a particular subject. just pick the science you like best.</p>

<p>haha the person who would be able to answer this question best would be someone who has taken all three!!!</p>

<p>k lol sry, don't know why i find that so funny, it just seems ridiculous that someone would do that since colleges seem to want tests from different subjects anyway...</p>

<p>if it helps, i took chem last year as a sophomore after ap chem and it was pretty easy, but i had already exhaustively reviewed for my ap test. i heard physics has an easy curve, but maybe it just seemed like it b/c everyone i know who took it were super geniuses....i didn't take it cuz i chickened out, i absolutey hate physics. if you like it though, and you are good at it, you should definitely take it.</p>