Physics H7B without taking H7A?

<p>I am a freshman chemistry major, and am tentatively considering taking Physics H7B next semester. I got a 5 on both physics C AP tests, so I guess I am not required to take physics 7A/H7A. A friend of mine and fellow chemistry major is currently in H7A, and despite the hard work, she says it's worth it, because you learn a lot more theory. So my question is, if I chose to take H7B instead of regular 7B, would the physics department even allow me, or would I be required to start from H7A?</p>

<p>I am also considering getting a minor in astrophysics, so more in-depth physics knowledge would be useful...</p>

<p>The department is won't stop you from enrolling H7B even if you're not a physics major. I myself took and it's a lot of work (and severe lack of girls, if any), so have fun with that.</p>

<p>Note that the Physics department does not want Physics majors to skip Physics 7A/H7A, even though that is allowed for students in the Colleges of Chemistry and Engineering. So that may be a consideration if you may change your major to Physics.</p>

<p>physics</a> @ berkeley - The Major and Minor Program</p>



<p>It's not uncommon to take them out of order, so you wouldn't be disadvantaged taking H7B then H7A. I doubt they'd look into it or care.</p>

<p>Also, Siddiqi is a great prof... I'd say it's worth it for sure if he teaches again in spring. Have fun if you choose to take it :).</p>

<p>I have a slightly different question. Would it be absurd to take both Physics 7B and 7C at the same time. It would be a semester of 7B, 7C, and Math 54. I have decided to double major in physics a little late in my career here, and in order to finish it would definitely be ideal for me to take them both at the same time. Any suggestions?</p>