physics H7C before 7B/H7B?

<p>I am an intended physics major who is currently taking 7A with speliotopoulos. I did not take H7A because I wanted a smooth transition into college. Grades were also a top concern. However, I feel like as a physics major, it is important to take at least one honours class to show more initiative for the subject. I am thinking about taking H7C because relativity and quantum optics actually sounds interesting. H7B seems kind of dull/hard and I'm not sure I will like it enough to get a good grade in it. (I remember E&M being my least favourite portion in high school physics). So my plan is to take H7C in the spring, then 7B in the summer to get that out of the way so that I can start research in my sophomore year. </p>

<p>So my question is, is this allowed? On one teacher's website Honors</a> Physics H7C: Course Description, it says the prerequisites are "Prerequisites: Performance in Physics H7B or 7B. Math 1A or H1A; Math 1B or H1B (may be taken concurrently). Math 53 and 54 are very helpful"</p>

<p>So am I forced to take 7B before 7C/H7C? And finally, anyone who has taken H7B, is it harder to get a good grade in it than H7A/H7C?</p>