Physics Hon. or AP Chem

<p>I will be a senior next year, and i'm wondering if it would be better to take Physics Hon. or AP Chemistry. </p>

<p>Do colleges generally look for a physics class on your transcript, or would it just be better to take AP Chem? or does it not matter which one i pick?</p>

<p>I actually want to have AP Chem senior year to raise my GPA (4.34) along with other AP classes, but i don't know if picking that class over physics might affect admission.</p>

<p>are you interested in sciences? if yes, it's probably better to take all intro sciences first before delving into the APs. Somehow, I doubt that top colleges would have intro courses that teach the very basics</p>

<p>If you never took physics, and already took chemistry, you should probably take the physics class (many schools want you to have at least one year of each bio/chem/physics)</p>

<p>i took AP chem in junior year. this year i doubled up on sciences taking Honors Bio 2 and Honors Physics, that could be an option for you, thought it would be harder since an AP class is most likely more difficult than a regular honors class.</p>

<p>Yeah--I did IB Physics SL and the first year of HL Biology in my junior year. It was really a lot of fun--things I learned in one class helped me understand stuff I was doing in the other class, and physics and chemistry would work together REALLY well that way (your physics class might make your chem class easier, 'cause you'd understand the fundamentals).
If that's not an option...I think either class would be fine. Honors physics is breadth, AP Chem is depth (though it might look weird if you've ALREADY taken a chem class--which sciences have you had so far?).</p>

<p>AP Chem is supposedly the hardest science class out of all of them. I guess if you already have a lot of AP's, then don't take AP Chem, since you'll have to study a lot for that which could take time away from your other AP's (thus lowering your other grades).</p>

<p>I think you should take AP Chemistry.</p>

<p>Hard is very subjective, but I would imagine that Physics C is the hardest, since it involves the most math (including calculus).</p>

<p>Yeah, AP Physics C is hard. I HATE it!</p>

<p>But Physics Honors, if it's not calculus-based, shouldn't be as hard as AP Chem. </p>

<p>I guess it depends on whether you're better at math or chemistry.</p>

<p>I guess i'm just going to take physics honors next year. Then in senior year i can take AP Chemistry and AP Physics B+C (or AP Biology). (I messed up in my first post by saying senior instead of junior)</p>

<p>I've already taken Earth Science, Biology, and am currently in Chemistry(doing well). I liked Biology alot and got straight A's in that class, so i may be taking AP Biology senior year (or AP Physics), haven't taken Physics so i don't know which one i like more.
Yeah, whatever..also, for the people who have already taken physics, is it an interesting class, at least for people who like science.</p>

<p>Thanks for your time.</p>

<p>I personally feel that algebra-based physics is harder than calculus-based physics.</p>

<p>When calculus is removed from physics, only average quantities can be calculated. Instantaneous quantities are simply removed altogether, since these usually require derivatives.</p>

<p>Furthermore, algebra-based physics is a lot more vague than calculus-based physics is.</p>