Physics in sophomore or junior year?

<p>PLAN A</p>

<p>Freshman- Chem/Math/Bio and writing in second semester
Sophomore- Physics/Orgo/Core Req.
Junior- Majors/Core Req./Electives
Senior- Same as junior</p>


<p>PLAN B</p>

<p>Freshman- Chem/Math/Major/Core Req.
Sophomore-Bio/Physics/Core Req.
Junior- Physics/Majors/Core Req./Writing
Senior-Majors/Core req./Electives</p>

<p>I like Plan B because it's not as boring as plan A, but I'm concerned about preparation for the MCAT. I am not comfortable with the idea of studying Physics and then take MCAT immediately. I just want to be given time and study in advance. What do you think? Which schedule does the medical schools prefer? Is it wise to finish all pre-med stuff in first 2 years?</p>

<p>Med schools don't care whether you do a specific schedule except insofar as it affects your MCAT scores and grades. Why would they?!</p>

<p>Now, as for your other questions, there's simply no way to tell you what the best way for you to study is. I do know that a great many students take the MCAT slightly before they're done with physics and don't find it to be a problem. MCAT physics is pretty simple, and some students find that being in the middle of a course helps them stay sharp. Others need the review time.</p>

<p>There's no way to answer this question - it's completely and totally up to you. My guess is that you'll be fine either way.</p>