Physics program

Any thoughts on the physics program offered? How about compared to Binghamton?

I would go to Binghamton for Physics. I wouldn’t recommend Albany. I’m a student at Albany and I don’t like the department.

@NASA2014 thank you so much for your response! If you can share any details either here or a PM that would be great. My daughter is very interested in a physics major and as I don’t have any experience in the area, any information/advise would sure be helpful.

Yeah, I would agree that Bing is a better choice. I guess this can be a general statement, but with SUNY schools, you should really look at the program ranking rather than overall ranking. I mean, in this case, Bing is better than UA at the program level (physics) and overall ranking, but again: look specifically at the program. However, consider the fact that UAlbany does have affiliations with Albany Medical College and Albany College of Pharmacy (if your daughter has an interest in pharmacy). Lastly, I know the physics program is super difficult at UAlbany just from what friends have said, so I can make a weak assumption that the program is decent if so many people find it challenging.

@SUNYJMM thank you so much for your response! Very helpful!