Physics question...

<p>I'm not near transferring, lol, but everyone is so knowledgeable I thought I would ask for a little advice.
I want to transfer to quite a few UCs, UCLA being top choice.
My pre reqs require a 3 semester physics sequence, which at my CCC is Physics 220, 221, 222. These courses are only offered in the following sequential order: Fall, Spring, Summer.
Physics 222 falls in the summer right before transfer..meaning UCLA would only see that I'm enrolled in 221 during Spring. Would UCLA look down on this as not completing all pre reqs, even though it is out of my hands?</p>

<p>I don't know the answer, but is there another nearby CCC in which you can take that course?</p>

<p>The next closest CCC is Pierce. With, which traffic, will be easily over an hour drive. It would be near impossible with work, and my other classes. :(</p>