physics question

<p>Compute the angular velocity (ω) when the arm reaches 45 degrees</p>

<p>equation = ω^2 = ωi^2 + 2α(Δθ)</p>

<p>α = 196.85</p>

<p>what do i use for ωi? </p>

<p>is it simply 2(196.85)(45) ?</p>

<p>I would guess that a lever or some long rod is accelerated around a center hinge. So the value for the initial angular velocity, wi, is 0, because it starts at rest. </p>

<p>Then, Δθ must be in radians. 45 degrees is pi/4.

<p>w^2 = 2(200)(pi/4)
w^2 = 100pi</p>

<p>w = 10√pi</p>

<p>i think hotinpursuit is right....but is angular momentum even on the sat ii physics?</p>