Physics Rumor?

<p>I know this is more of a high school question, but I want the opinion of college studentsl. OK, so I'm still trying to settle out my schedule for next year and I'm not really entirely sure about it. The classes that I signed up for are:</p>

<li>IB Biology II (HL)</li>
<li>IB English II (HL)</li>
<li>IB History II (HL)</li>
<li>IB Math II (SL)</li>
<li>IB Spanish V (SL)</li>
<li>IB Theory of Knowledge</li>

<p>I'm going to be a Senior next year and I'm a full IB Diploma Candidate. Anyways, the rumor that I've been hearing is that supposedly, if you don't take Physics in high school, Ivy-Leagues will not even consider you. Why in the world is that so? I really do not see why this class is an important requirement...even for pre-med. As you can see, with 6 IB classes, Physics is just going to make my schedule even more difficult and I don't want it to add to my stress next year. What I think would be a more interesting class for me to take is this class called Athletic Injuries. This is the description:</p>

<p>"This course, taught by the school's certified athletic trainer, place emphasis and recognition, prevention, and treatment of common sports through injuries. In addition, students learn anatomy and physiology of the human body, first aid, nutrition, and career opportunities..."</p>

<p>This sounds SO much more interesting to me, because I want to be a doctor. But I do want to apply to some Ivy's/top schools, but would not taking Physics hurt me? Or is this rumor not even true?</p>

<p>Whether or not it's required, I think you should take it. It looks good in general. Also...doctors need physics, too. Take it.</p>

<p>Don't do something you don't want to do in high school. If you're planning on going pre-med, enjoy yourself this next year. You'll have plenty of time to submit yourself to the beck and call of intro bio/organic chemistry. Besides, your class reflects your interests. That's what you want, right?'re doing full IB as is. That's just brutal.</p>

<p>Also, you're gonna probably have to retake physics in undergrad due to premed course credit requirements. No sense in taking it now.</p>

<p>My son is at Harvard-went to a public school; never could take Physics because at his high school it conflicted with other classes he needed to take. He was accepted to two other Ivy's and Stanford as well. don't worry about it. By the way he is holding his own in "pre med" classes.</p>