Physio major- Classes to take

<p>So i'm completely clueless on what classes i should take and i have orientation next week. session 106. any help/suggestions would be welcome.</p>

<p>im a physio major too. but taking classes your first quarter isn't really all that important but this is wut i'll suggest</p>

<p>Try to get into the lottery of Chem 14A
Try to get into your Math 3 or 31 Series (they suggest 3 Series)
Get into a GE</p>

<p>Most likely, the Chem and Math will be full so you'll have to lottery, basically you have to find two other backups that will be your classes---that means that you have to organize your schedule to the point where if u don't get chem, the chem-replacement will be able to fit into ur schedule. and if you don't get your math, your math-replacement will be able to fit into your schedule.</p>

<p>basically you'll be doing this on your second day. it's best to have a laptop, but u will not need it at all on your first day. if you don't have a'd better go to covel commons ASAP cause i heard there was even a waitlist to get a computer to find out classes...but there's always the physical approach.....physcially FINDING your classes....which is a b!tc$. </p>

<p>have fun at orientation, i know i did...with little sleep ;)</p>