Pick out private schools for me

English or Creative Writing Major.

I’m a male.
3.467 GPA in high school.
Plan to go test optional.
Honors in English in my high school class.
CertiPort Microsoft Word Certification.
Writer of Disfigured and Jeckel which are on Amazon and Barnes and Noble’s websites.
Been offered book deals for said stories.


I’m more interested in the right fit than the money at the moment.

Susquehanna U

You have given 0 clues as to what your metrics for ‘right fit’ are.

University of Iowa isn’t private, but their writing program can’t be beat.

Your GPA is very low for Kenyon, but it has a great writing program and you might get in on that.

Beloit, Clark, Marquette, Ursinus maybe? Susquehanna sounds right- but really, need more to go on.

What other questions do you have?

What are your metrics for a good “fit”?

Since any private colleges will have a CoA of at least $60,000 a year, will your parents be able to afford $240,000-$280,000.

Kenyon college would be a low reach for you. Their mean weighted GPA is 3.9, so your GPA is likely around average, and their acceptance rate is around 35%. It is also one of the best colleges for creative writing.

Bucknell is another low reach for you

Emerson would be a reach

Knox would be a low match

Even though it is public, U Iowa has one of the top creative writing programs. It would be a low match

You will also need a safety.

All this is based on the premise that you can afford these colleges, of course.

Kenyon, suggested above, would be superb for the study of English literature. For further ideas, these articles should be helpful:



“English or Creative Writing Major.”
“I’m more interested in the right fit…”

The best fit is going to be a university that will allow you to graduate with NO debt at all.

My oldest graduated a couple of years ago with no debt, but a slightly more employable major. She was able to get a dream job that did not pay very well but that is good for what she wanted to do going forward. It has lead to a great second job. However, she is finding that she is just making enough to live on. If she had debt she would have needed to live with us and find a job near here. Having no debt has opened up a lot of other options for her.

Could not agree more with @DadTwoGirls: graduating from college w/o debt is the best gift you can give yourself especially in fields where entry positions are poorly paid and/or where employment at all can be problematic.

Kenyon and Oberlin have really good programs. You could also apply to Reed, Gettysburg, Macalester, or Wheaton.

Would I have a realistic chance at any of these schools?

Affordability is most prospective college students’ most important college fit factor.

You have a realistic chance at all of the colleges I mentioned, though some are realistic reaches, and others realistic matches.

Macalaster, Oberlin, and Reed would be reaches or even high reaches (especially Mac), but an application to any one of these would not be a waste of your time, IMO.

Kenyon creative writing has an additional entry process. Also, it is one of the few schools that I think that you really need to visit.

I definitely recommend doing virtual tours and I think you should look into St. Lawrence University, Gettysburg College, Franklin & Marshall College, Hobart, Union College, and Bucknell (I agree with above, would be a low reach). All of these schools are realistic for you to get into.

If you are open to Kenyon and Oberlin - try researching the College of Wooster. Also, agree Knox is worth a further look too.