picking a pic to send...

<p>haha ok so this must be so stupid, but i'm trying to figure out which pic to send. help me decide: IM me and i'll give u the link. thanks much</p>

<p>< deleted ></p>

<p>woah your a girl? i expected to see some grungy nerdy guy. that's awesome. i love asian girls ^.^ yeahhh~</p>

<p>you should get one of you playing the violin or piano, because i bet you do. muahuah. i think i might have one of me in my company uniform w/ our Canon XL1 camera (if u been readin other posts i have a Video Productions company that im CFO of)</p>

<p>or maybe ill get one of me at homecoming so u can see me w/ my homecoming prince sash or some **** (since i haven't included anything about that anywhere and it might be nice)</p>

<p>what u guys think? i should get all the pics and post em and let u guys see..hRmrmRm.. not a bad idea suprmodl</p>

<p>btw: maybe u should take off that date stamp looks sort of unprofessional, although it probably doesn't matter.</p>

<p>oh god AnuVX. you're a pig!</p>

<p>uhh how? cuz i like asian girls? haha okay.</p>

<p>suprmodl29, you have anything else?</p>

<p>haha of course i'm a girl! of course i'm getting rid of the date and will prolly crop it. and i'm prolly taking more tonite...o as in now. but i'm soooooooo lazy. enh we'll see</p>

<p>lets all post pics of ourselves! (ok that sounds uhh weird, but still i would like match faces with ppl i talk to - especially u guys, who will be like a nervous support group of penn EDers)

<p>i only have naked pictures of myself, or else i would</p>

<p>love it haha</p>

<p>yeh same here..the naked thing.</p>

<p>but i might take some tonight so i can submit it w/ my app.in any case i dont really want random people seeing my beautiful indian face.</p>

<p>if we are sending the app by mail, is there a way i can email them a pic? the only hardcopy pics i have of myself arnt the best photos of me.</p>

<p>im just using my senior picture, is that ok? or am i not supposed to be doing that?</p>

<p>picture 78</p>

<p>that s what i did</p>

<p>heres the one i chose if you weiners really want to see: <a href="http://thetechbox.com/%7Eimage/display?id=167%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://thetechbox.com/~image/display?id=167&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>just took it myself last night...</p>

<p>LOL, Pic_78 should get you in</p>

<p>lets all post our pics...then MAYBE we'll all get in and we'll alll recognize eachotherrr!! lol....anu are u indian? can't tell. I am hehe...soo lets make this the picturee thread</p>

<p>it's safe right? lol</p>

<p>yay 78 is the one i used haha</p>