picking classes

<p>Hello. I am an incoming freshman at Warren. My major is currently undeclared because my major choice was impacted, but I plan to change my major to general biology. I am planning to take Chem 6A, Math 10A, and WCWP 10A this fall. I think I should take another GE class; do you guys have any recommendations?</p>

<p>Before we make any recommendations, remember that Bio is a impacted major and that you're going to have to apply with a stellar GPA to get into it. With that in mind, I recommend Cogs 1. Its an interesting class</p>

<p>thanks. Do you recommend any professors?</p>

<p>What PofCs were you considering doing?</p>

<p>I'm still not sure what PofCs I am going to take >.<. Do you have any recommendations on what PofCs I should consider?</p>

<p>heeeey, i'm in a similar situation haha! But I'm already a bio major, and I'm gonna take Math 10B instead of Math 10A.</p>

<p>I don't know what other classes to take...</p>