picking courses for my first semester post transfer

<p>hello all, i got accepted as a transfer to CALS for communications. it is very likely that i will be going, but there are a few problems.</p>

<p>1) cornell accepted a bajillion ap credits, meaning that i'll be entering as a junior and i have no idea about how everything at cornell works
2) i want to tack on another major, neurobio
3) i want to go to grad school for biotech/neurosci during my "slide" year after graduation and before going to med school (if i can get in)</p>

<p>and it seems like i only have 2 years to finish all of this stuff. because after 120 credit, the tuition per credit goes up right?</p>

<p>as i am procrastinating on schoolwork now, i decided to take a look at the course catalog, and i'm interested in taking these classes:</p>

<p>Comm 3520 (science writing) 3cr
Bio 3310 (intro to bio chem 1 or something) 3cr
Psych 322/Bionb 322 (hormones and behavior) 3 cr
Orgo 1/Chem 3570 3 cr
Physics 1101 4 cr (non calc based)
some fluffy <em>easy</em> 2 cr class for a requirement
PE 0 cr</p>

<p>i'm taking orgo 1, diff eq (these clasess didn't transfer) and finishing up genchem and gen. bio (these classes transferred) at my current school, to put things into perspective. </p>

<p>so is this courseload mangeable? i also plan to do a bunch of ECs, etc. at my current school i am taking 22 creds and i'm doing fine, although cornell courses will obviously be a lot harder andmore time consuming. and i'm aiming for a 3.7-3.8 my first semester. and research and a bunch of ECs.</p>

<p>if you signed me up for that course load I would balk. then again, I have never gotten near a 3.7 in any semester, so if you think that's a reasonable goal then you're probably the type who could handle it.</p>

<p>I see how you need to take the orgo right away, if you're entering as a junior. however, if either biochem or physics are <em>not</em> prerequisites for other courses you'll need for the neurobiology program of study, then you should at least consider leaving one of those until senior year. (especially since you don't know how you'll adapt to the new school.) could you take a comm course instead of one of these sciences?
(warning: I am not a premed, so if there is some premed rule of thumb I'm contradicting, then please disregard that idea.)</p>

<p>what kind of requirement are you going to meet with that fluffy course, a CALS requirement? there aren't too many two credit courses around, nor are there tons of really fluffy ones.</p>