Picking my poison... should I quit tennis?

Hi everyone ?
Currently, I’m a high school junior. With the coronavirus and all, my high school has switched to a virtual schedule, where the tennis CLASS is just an off period GPA killer (weighted a 6 on an 8 point scale (rank is based on weighted GPA)). Keeping this in mind, I switched out out of tennis (with a promise from my tennis coach that I could still be on the team). So problem solved, I get to raise my gpa (likely bringing me from rank 3/709 to rank one) and I get to stay on my varsity tennis team.

Here’s the kicker — my coach didn’t know what she was talking about. Apparently you still DO have to be in the class to be on the team (which is especially stupid right now because the class is completely virtual) So now I either have to email my already kinda pissed counselor about switching BACK into tennis and thereby absolutely wrecking my rank (3 to maybe 4 or even 5) but I get to stay on the team (and my friends and it’s fun) even though it’s actually kinda dangerous to play tennis right now considering the circumstances (I live in Texas too so it’s gonna get worse before it gets better)

I stay out of tennis, continue my seven AP courseload and move on (separating me from my friends, losing that outlet, and maybe looking more one-dimensional to colleges)

Sorry that was a lot guys… but um… what do u think I should do?

You really enjoy tennis. Do what you love! Stick with it. It is not “wrecking” your rank to go from #1 to #3 or #4. In terms of COVID, I thought tennis was one of the safer sports.

All that said, if you are going to get stressed out sticking with tennis, ok, stop.

Thank you!

Wrecking your rank? If you’re 3 or 4 or 5 or even 10 out of 700 kids, you’re still WAY ahead of the game.

Seven AP courses, grinding away and being isolated, versus something you enjoy doing. Honestly, for your demographic, playing tennis isn’t that dangerous. And if it was truly dangerous, I doubt the school would allow it. I’m sure they are having the team members take precautions. Tennis isn’t a contact sport.

I wouldn’t worry about emailing the counselor. Explain what you said here: you were not aware that you must be enrolled in the class.

I think it’s very sad to see kids sacrificing the things they enjoy doing because they think they must impress colleges. You must, first and foremost, find ways to be happy. Especially during this time.

ETA: Don’t take seven APs if you don’t want to. There is no need to stockpile them. Seven total for any kid is a more than respectable number.

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