Picking school that ostensibly ISN'T your 1st pick

Do you find yourself looking at schools, finding a school you like/love BUT as you do more research, other schools seemingly are better fits? I’m finding myself feeling this way about UNM. It was initially my best fit. But the more criteria I use, the further down it falls.

Yep, happened to me! And if you’re a sophomore don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of options and plenty of time to narrow things down.

I first started looking at very selective colleges and at first they seemed so ideal and I got really excited about them, but then I started touring one of my current top schools and started changing my mind. Not sure if you’ve been able to tour anything yet but sometimes when you step on a campus you just get a feeling that it’s right for you, and it’s absolutely okay if that’s not what you thought would be your top choice. You’ll want to end up at a school and location that makes you happy and would give you the most opportunity to prepare yourself for your future.

Best of luck as you approach the application process!

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TY @gblnc23! Due to covid AND only being a sophomore, I haven’t done any campus tours yet. I hope I can spend summer '22 on campus tour road trip.

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Schools on my road trip list:

Portland St.
Arizona St.

Gotcha, your road trip list looks awesome so I hope you find a college that suits you well!!

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Having had two kids go through this process, it’s normal to cycle through schools, finding new things to love about them as you do more research. Some will fall off the list, and some will fall off and then come back on again. As you’re a sophomore you have a lot of time to decide and your priorities are likely to change over the next two years. Your ideas about college are likely to change during your senior year. So it’s good to have a variety.


What state are you from? A few of the schools on your list are part of the Wiche program (Portland State, ASU, UH, UNM). Depending on your home state and major, that might help with cost.

@lkg4answers I’m from MT. People turned me on to WUE, and it DEFINITELY informed my choices.

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