Picture ID

<p>Is there any way we can retake our picture IDs?</p>

<p>As far as I know, you'd most likely have to pay a fee for a new card in order to do that. Which is pretty expensive due to the access chip embedded in the ID (lets you into your dorm). I believe the fee is around 30 bucks... Just stick with the original, its something to laugh about XD... Mine sucks too; my eyes are closed and my Orientation name tag shows, but its a hilarious picture... I plan on keeping it unless I lose my ID.</p>

<p>fyi -- just telling them you need a new card won't do it --</p>

The picture on file will be used to create the Replacement ID Card.


Binghamton</a> University - Registrar: Services: Degree Enrollment Verification</p>

<p>you would probably have to ask them if they can take a new picture AND pay the replacement fee.</p>

<p>To my knowledge, the replacement fee (at least this year) was $20. My roommate (who is now going to be an RA...) lost his ID card 3 times over the course of his freshmen year. If you specifically request that you take a new photo, they'll do so. Otherwise, as iamhere pointed out, they'll just reprint one.</p>

<p>Honestly, it's not worth it. Most people's IDs suck.</p>