Picture Yourself at Pitt weekend

<p>Unfortunately we can't make one of these til November, maybe we'll have an acceptance by then! Just wondering if anyone tries to do an "overnight" in one of the dorms Friday night, and if so, should I try to set one up for my D? We will be arriving late Thursday night, seeing Carnegie Mellon on Friday morning, then Pitt Friday afternoon (UHC and Study Abroad offices) and--for her--all day Saturday.</p>

<p>I could be wrong, but I don't think that Pitt offers sleepovers in the dorm for these events.But, if you or your daughter knows someone at Pitt, you might be able to arrange it privately. Let me know what you find out!</p>

<p>sujormik- am I misremembering or did you already attend Ready, Set Pitt in the Summer? If you did, then I think the Picture Yourself at Pitt would be a little redundant.</p>

<p>When my daughter visited for the second time, she stayed with a friends' daughter in a dorm, and the next day she visited classes that she was interested in. Pitt has a list of classes which welcome visitors. University</a> of Pittsburgh: Undergraduate Admissions & Financial Aid</p>

<p>GREAT memory pamom! We ended up not being able to attend the summer session due to previous travel arrangements that were pretty set in stone. So this will be our first visit. And if for some reason she is rejected then we won't make the trip of course. But she's built up quite a fondness for Pitt already, so hopefully everything will fall into place.</p>

<p>We don't know anyone there to try to arrange something privately, and the timing of the morning visit to CMU probably precludes a visit to classes, but I'll mention it to her.</p>

<p>New question: Is there anything scheduled for parents during the day when the kids are touring the campus/city? Or are we free to goof around?</p>

<p>Well.. I think most parents go with their kids to the program..but there is plenty to do in the city if you feel your D can go it alone. Close by, you can tour the nationality rooms at the Cathedral of Learning, or visit the Carnegie Museum (combination art and natural science museum). Here's the agenda for the Pitcutre yourself at Pitt program. University</a> of Pittsburgh: Undergraduate Admissions & Financial Aid</p>

<p>I looked over the agenda previously, just couldn't figure out whether parents were supposed to be there with the kids or not. Thanks for the heads-up.</p>

<p>We drove 1000+ miles from Thursday to today, super sleepy and tons to do at home so I'm not giving a full report yet, but I do have some thoughts on the PYAP program, some of the other events we attended, etc. </p>

<p>Try not to get too anxious awaiting my story. LOL</p>