Pictures of Keys dorm rooms?

<p>Hello! I'm a sophomore at UF whose current plan is to live in the keys area next semester (I already have a room, but me and my roommate are still looking at getting off campus housing.) Does anyone have any pictures as to what these rooms sort of look like? The only thing I could find was a floor plan, which only tells you so much lol.</p>

<p>I lived in Keys my sophomore year as well at UF. Here's a fisheye picture I took at my dorm in keys. The closet is behind the curtains. It was very very tiny. </p>

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<p>Hey! If you plan on living off campus, is there anyway way that my roommates and I can have your spot(s) in Keys? We've been trying to get Keys but no luck :/</p>

<p>Good luck with your housing search!</p>

<p>You should also check out Windsor Hall. It has private bathrooms and an attached kitchenette. It's dorm-style living but like not actually on campus so it costs a little less.</p>