Piriformis syndrome!

Update: 3 sessions of deep tissue work + 3 sessions of acupuncture + TENS + all the things I’m doing for myself - physical therapy, eating well, getting plenty of rest, etc. and I’ve been able to sit up for a little more than 2 hours on a Roho type cushion & walking pretty well with a walker.

I could be home mid next week. And I am feeling a lot of relief.


Ugh! Just heard that my insurance has denied a request for the epidural! :frowning:

I sent out an APB to every medical person I know…and my boss, who says he’s got a guy (my boss is well respected in the community and has many connections), I told him I was sure I couldn’t afford his guy (he’s the orthopedic surgeon for the local sports teams) - well his guy responded first - he can see me & shoot me on the 17th - for just the cost of the shot. I’m grateful my boss likes me (we’ve known each other 20+ years).

Meanwhile I remain drugged to counteract the intense pain and am scheduled to leave rehab on Friday. Then I wait.

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IMO you should appeal your denial! Some of them just deny everything as their default response.


Yes, we are appealing! We are on it. Thank you.


I really, really wish insurance companies didn’t have a say with things like this, esp since many of the denials are automatic vs someone medical actually looking at the case.


Agree completely - just ridiculous


I’m so sorry to hear about the insurance denial but it’s great that your boss’s guy is willing to do the shot at cost. And although this is definitely a setback, you’ve been posting so much great news with the effectiveness of PT, and getting around a bit with the walker, and talk of getting out of the skilled nursing facility. It may have been a step back, but you’ve been taking figurative leaps forward lately. Continuing to hope that recovery continues as rapidly as possible.

Thank you. All that is correct - but…yesterday I learned that all of those things haven’t actually made a dent in the swelling and tightness of the piriformis muscle, and that really woke me up. When the pros at rehab talk about “progress” they mean while medicated. I’m looking for “progress” on healing the muscle. My hope is the epidural will begin that process.

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Talked with an epidural specialist this morning - interestingly they say I need a piriformis injection (which is actually what I’ve been saying but kept being “corrected” to “epidural” - so I changed my vocabulary to match the “experts” :upside_down_face:) - I may have made some actual “progress” - as they will call me back shortly to see about fitting me in!


I’m home, and now the real work begins.


Saw a specialist yesterday, a sports orthopedist - he honed right in. Took a full body x-ray to ensure there weren’t any breaks somewhere that may have been missed. Did a few physical manipulations and believes it’s actually both the pirifomis and hip - so next week I (finally!) will get 2 injections, the pirifomis and hip, and the earliest I could get an appointment for a hip MRI was the 29th (just to ensure there isn’t a real hip joint issue) - and apparently in all the testing they did while I was hospitalized, no one thought to check my hip! I feel like I’m in extremely good hands and that I will begin to see progress and relief…in a week!


That sounds promising. Definitely hoping it works out for you and they can get you back to normal as soon as possible!

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I’m glad you’re getting good care! If it encourages you at all, DH says his is not bothering him at all now. But it was a long couple of years to get to that point.

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Did they film/X-ray your hip? If I were a betting woman, I’d guess it’s the hip joint more than the piriformis itself as the root of the problem. Says she who is diagnosing over the internet without seeing or examining you. But I repeat that, generally, it’s not weight bearing that aggravates the piriformis.

Regardless, I hope you are feeling better soon!

Yes, Tuesday - the specialist believes it’s the hip joint as well. The 17th I’ll get 2 injections - hip joint & piriformis - the earliest we could get an MRI of the hip is the 29th - so that’s on tap too.

Diagnosis away! That’s what I’ve been doing! :hibiscus:

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