Pitt main versus University Delaware

My S is down to these two schools. Pitt was always his first pick - in the city being a big draw. It is also in state for us. We all loved the campus and vibe.
He liked Delaware’s campus, but is very anti suburb. He’s also concerned about the Greek life at Delaware.
As a gay student I just think he thinks he’d be more comfortable at Pitt.
However, he just received $15000 a year scholarship at Delaware and is waiting to hear about honors college. This has given him pause, because it makes this school a financial fit too and it has the World Scholars program he likes.
He is majoring in Environmental Science.
I’m just looking for some feedback from folks who may have some good info on these schools. I think he’s going to go for Pitt, and it’s 100% his decision, but I just want to make sure he has all the information he can. Thanks

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The University of Delaware is a fine college. So is Pitt. I can’t think of anything about Pitt’s academics that would make it worth $60,000 more over 4 years vs UD. He can major in a Environmental Science at either school, so only you and he can determine if there are other factors that make Pitt a better fit for him

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Thank you - the cost of the two schools for us are about equal at this point due to the UD scholarship. We are in PA.

Totally not my area of expertise but Pittsburgh ranks high in LGBTQ friendly as does the school. But Delaware has a 4.5 from a rating service - so that’s fine as well. Pitt is a 5.

Ratings alone aren’t the be all and end all. I think both are fine schools- but there’s some reading you can do.

Pittsburgh Ranked #1 City For LGBTQ+ Home Buyers – CBS Pittsburgh (cbslocal.com)

Pitt Pride: University Again Ranked a Best College for LGBTQ+ Students | University of Pittsburgh

Campus Pride Index


One of my daughter’s best friends at UD is an openly gay male and he loves UD, gives tours and is mad that my daughter chose BU’s DPT program over UD’s (#20 vs. #1).

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Question for you @leigh22 , any chance your S is waiting for Honors College and/or merit from Pitt? We still are. I think Honors College will come out in early Feb. Merit can come at any time. Regardless of all of the great stuff happening for him at UD, he would not need to make a firm decision until May 1, so he has time to see what Pitt offers.

If they are both the same cost, I’d encourage accepted students day visits at both schools.

Good luck!


A day tour will not give him an idea of what life would be like for him at either school. It’s just too superficial. Kids wind up with an opinion of the school based upon the personality of the student tour guide.

Have your son reach out to the LGBTQ organization at each school, and also to students majoring in Environmental Science at each school. Best of all would be if he could go spend a long weekend with anyone he knows from a year or two ahead of him, who’s at those schools, to really get a feel for the school - sit in on some classes, go to an LGBTQ event, go to an Env Sci Friday afternoon club meeting, if such exists.

Hopefully, he’ll get merit money and such at Pitt, too, which might make the decision easier for you guys.


He applied to Honors, but it would be a stretch for him to get in. It seems Pitt has double the applications this year and it is really competitive.
He may still get some merit, but it would be very little.

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All great ideas, thanks.

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We are waiting for both as well for D22. She applied with her 32, and I’m not sure that and her essay will cut the mustard!

He submitted his 1390 SAT, which I know is not strong for honors, but I thought his essay was very strong ( in my humble mom opinion).


If the cost of the 2 schools is equal, and Pitt has been his preference all along, and Pitt and its environs seem more LGBTQ+ friendly, why are there second thoughts?

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He is interested in travel abroad and UD has something called World Scholars, where you travel in freshman and junior year, live with other students in the program, etc.
Also, UD does have a very good environmental science program.
Per suggestions above, we are making plans to visit both schools again , but with more focus.


Sounds like a good deal to me. And yes, I know about UD’s reputation for environmental science. If his interest in the climate crisis involves the oceans in any way, clearly UD’s location has some obvious advantages.

In full disclosure, my cousin’s son went to UD from out of state on a scholarship, had a great 4 years there, and got into a top law school after graduation. I also like the fact that 60% of UD’s students come from out of state, giving it more of a private college feel than that of an insular state flagship.