Pitt Prestige Application?

<p>I am a high school senior that has been pursued by the school for the Pitt Prestige application. What I'm wondering is HOW CAN IT BE THIS EASY? Is there a catch? Are there students that have applied through this expedited process and been denied? Should I send more information in if i am looking to apply to the nursing program there?
Any help on this is much appreciated!
Im hoping to apply as soon as possible - are there advantages to applying early in the rolling admissions process?
Thank you!!</p>



<p>Not really. You probably have really strong stats (GPA/SAT/ACT) that Pitt noticed and thus they contacted you. IIRC you hear back about acceptance within 3-4 weeks, but scholarship money can take much longer IF you get any at all.</p>



<p>I think it would be really strange for Pitt to say “Hey you student with the strong application, apply here!” and then reject them. To my knowledge I haven’t heard of any Prestige people getting rejected.</p>



<p>Depends on what you’re trying to do- if you just want an acceptance the minimum should be fine. If you’re looking for scholarship money you need to send more information (essay, 2-3 LoRs, resume of activities).</p>



<p>Absolutely. You hear back really fast, know whether or not you got in super early. In terms of scholarships it is a bit easier to get money earlier because they haven’t “run out” of their allocated funds for that year. Plus you can use your acceptance at Pitt as a bargaining chip with other Universities if you so choose.</p>

<p>Thank you so much!</p>

<p>I just applied today to it. I was so amazed by how easy it was and it doesn’t even have a place for counselors to send the letter of recommendation so any clue how that’s going to happen? I guess I’ll find out by October. Weird…</p>

<p>You can always send that supplementally! Thats what I am doing at least… You can email it to <a href=“mailto:oafa@pitt.edu”>oafa@pitt.edu</a> and explain that you want to add it to your application.
I think that even without the letters of rec you’ll be fine… That is what im hearing at least.
I ended up just applying yesterday. Still working on sending my transcript in but already sent one letter of recommendation and my sat scores.</p>

<p>Did not send a recommendation and got in within a few weeks. No worries if your scores and grades hit the mark. </p>


<p>Waiting for my counselor to send in my stuff, he told me to wait until next week which I find annoying but whatever. </p>

<p>But at least the ease of this allows me time for the 20 other supplements I need to do-___-</p>

<p>My daughter also received the Pitt Prestige Application. Since we are OOS, I’d like to increase the chance of receiving a modest scholarship.
She is taking the ACT and SAT tests for a second time each in September and October.
Can she submit her application and send additional scores after she submits her application?</p>

<p>Definitely. My son’s friend, who’s now in the Engineering School, was accepted to Pitt. Took the standardized tests again, submitted the new scores and got a $10,000/year scholarship. He wasn’t offered the scholarship until the updated scores were received.</p>

<p>@nascarnewyork - so out of curiosity if you know, what were the new scores?</p>

<p>He started with an ACT of 31 and increased +1 to 32. That made the difference. FYI, he started Fall, 2012 - last year.</p>

<p>I applied couple weeks ago, my school will be sending transcripts, recs only September end. But I got a Pitt Prestige application in the mail last week. Do I re-apply? What should I be doing? Appreciate your feedback.</p>

<p>Don’t reapply. Just keep going with your current application. Applying with a Pitt Prestige app isn’t going to increase your chances for scholarships or anything. I don’t think the admissions officers would appreciate it if you sent in two applications anyway.</p>

<p>D applied Pitt Prestige relatively late last year OOS and not only received admittance but received a full tuition scholarship. She never submitted an essay and is unsure if her high school even sent her recommendations with her transcript. Her class rank and ACT were pretty high.</p>

<p>Do you mind telling the ACT score?</p>



<p>I think the idea here though is that high-quality students are pegged for Pitt Prestige. Regardless of if you apply using that path or not, you are (supposedly) such a high caliber applicant that you should probably be seeing fast turnaround for admittance as well as having a good chance at merit money.</p>

<p>My D didn’t get any mail on Pitt presitige application although she has excellent GPA/SAT. Pitt is one of target schools she will apply. Not getting it makes me unhappy. Congrat whowever got the prestige application invitation. :)</p>

<p>Hey Dad2013, My D also got the Prestige applicaiton email, it showed up as soon as the AP test scores were sent and AP sent out the AP Scholar notices (we got the same type email from a number of other schools too). We applied in August through the normal process and then received the Prestige application. Its mostly a marketing email sent by the admissions team for the target student market, if they had checked they would have seen my D had already applied. A few days later, my D also recieved a email saying that the admissions committee would wait until the next ACT/SAT scores…D was bumbed big time by that. Her math was low…she can do advanced algerbra, AP calculas, etc with her eyes closed but has trouble with geometry, she had a really bad geometry teacher in 10th grade, he wouldn’t show up after school for scheduled appointments (5+ times) to help her as she had asked (kid has intitiative)…Now she’s suffering because of that teacher lack of interest years ago. A few days after we go the “hold” letter, we got another email from the Prestige application team noting that they really were interested in her, and reminding her to apply as quickly as possible…so it really is just a marketing letter blindly reaching out to prespective students in a market segment, and is painfully apparent that that group is not tied to the Admissions Committee actions. It can be painful to a kid who has worked very hard for years to go into a specific field and to attend a specific school, to get these emails when the application is on hold. Such is life, after all the Prestige Application really doesn’t offer anything special above what a early normal application would recieve (other than no essay). D has since taken the ACT which we hope she will do better on the math and will retake the SAT later in the fall. Hoping for the best and she was able to show her real potential.</p>

<p>OP is applying to Nursing. Send EVERYTHING you would send in with regular application if you want scholarship money. Once Pitt makes its offer, Pitt does not renegotiate it. Full scholarship offers can vary by program. FWIW… after the May 1 deadline last year, Pitt contacted my D twice about reconsidering attending Pitt by two different nursing faculty. They did not get enough enrolled nursing students, but they wouldn’t come up with more scholarship money. Pitt nursing is the most expensive school at Pitt and for OOS students, it is just too steep</p>

<p>My daughter is an ap scholar after junior year as well.
I’m sure there are a lot of bright people who aren’t contacted.</p>