Pitt, UGA, or UW Madison for Poli Sci/Premed?

Hi guys, so far the top three schools I’ve been accepted to are Pitt, Georgia, and Wisconsin. I plan to Major in Poli Sci (with a focus on International Relations) and pursue the premed track.

I live in Pittsburgh, so Pitt is convenient for me, but because of military benefits (my dad serves in the Air Force), UW Madison is actually the cheapest for me (although all three are within similar prices).

I know Pitt has the best med school of the three, but which one puts me in the best position to actually get me to med school? Would it be worth it to go out of state to Georgia or Wisconsin (even though there’s no price difference and may even be a bit cheaper)?


A small advantage of Pittsburgh is that if you are offered interviews at in-state public medical schools in Pennsylvania, travel to them is likely to be easier and less expensive than from Georgia or Wisconsin.

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Good point. But how about for overall undergrad/prestige/opportunities?

There are more knowledgeable people on CC about med school but the most important factors for getting into med school are GPA and MCAT scores. Where you go for undergrad doesn’t matter. All three could prep you for med school.

A few schools have auto admission into med school but it’s for tip top students. Pitt has a GAP for med school. S20’s classmate turned down Penn for Pitt’s GAP.

Doctors can have varying backgrounds and degrees like Poli Sci but also make sure you take classes that prep you for the MCAT.

Med school is expensive so minimizing undergrad costs is a good idea.

Pitt has a world class medical system on-campus. I’m pretty sure they get $Billions in research money. The CDC drops a lot grants there.

When I was there back in the day my roommates girlfriend got to intern on Starzl’s transplant team. She flew around the country harvesting organs. She’s a doctor now.

You can go to medical school from any of these three schools, and which one has the best medical school is irrelevant to you right now - as you’re going to undergrad :slight_smile: All three have the major you want and the ability to be premed. All three will have varied but excellent opportunities, and all three have great reputations.

So my question is - why did you pick these colleges and what do you like about them?


I guess my question is, which one is the most respected and well regarded by the eyes of the public?

If the cost are all similar, I would easily pick Wisconsin. The best all around college experience.

Did you get into a special program or the Honors college at any of them?
If, like most premed, you don’t end up in med school, what’s your Plan B and is one of these 3 better for your plan B?
How important is football to you?
Do you like snow?
All 3 are swing states so you’d likely have plenty of opportunities for volunteering, but if you’re leaning Dem Ben Wickler (WI) and Stacey Abrams (GA) have the best ground game.