Pitzer College Class of 2023 RD Thread

Hey guys, I haven’t seen any thread for Pitzer RD so I wanted to start one. Last year I believe decisions came out on the 19th. Does anyone know if this year’s slated to be the same?

I hope it’s earlier. Pitzer is one of my top choices and I hope I get in.

Some info here: https://www.college-kickstart.com/blog/item/class-of-2023-regular-decision-notification-dates

It says 3/19 in the afternoon, not sure of the source

I emailed the admissions asking about the date but they didn’t answer

They came out on Monday 3/19 last year, so I’m hoping for either today (Monday) or tomorrow (the 19th)

I’m so nervous- I hope it’s today!!!

I called the office and they said by 4/1. They said they are still reading!!!

Thanks for checking but noooooo!!! I totally thought they would come out today like it did last year and the past two years :’(

Really? They must have gotten a lot more applicants this year if they’re not going to release until later this month. Has anyone heard anything more definitive?

I DMed their Insta page but haven’t heard anything back. I know Harvey Mudd and Pomona have let out theirs.

They answered my DM and said this Friday!

Do you know what time exactly?

Because Friday evening means Saturday morning where I live!! I don’t want to stay up all night worrying when they’re going to release the decisions

@poilons Typically colleges notify after the school day (3pm) in their own time zone. But could notify later like 5pm or 8pm. Before 3PST is unlikely.

@poilons Check out https://www.college-kickstart.com/blog/item/class-of-2023-regular-decision-notification-dates it shows last years timings - for Pitzer: afternoon.

in the past couple years pitzer has released at 3pm PDT

God I’m so freaking out

Hey I called again today and they still said before April 1 for admissions decision. Hope tomorrow is actually the day!

Their instagram confirmed it – it’s this afternooon! I don’t know what time though.