Pitzer College Class of 2025 Applicants

hey there, just an ED2 applications anxiously awaiting decisions this week!

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does anyone know if pitzer will release ED2 emissions decisions this friday 2/12 or monday 2/15?

So anxious! I think the release is Monday, but do you know what time they have typically notified? Is there a chance they would let students know before Monday?

Decisions released! DD was accepted. I’m in tears

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Hello did everyone get the email saying decisions are coming out this Friday? So much sooner than expected :flushed:

My son received that email as well! He is excited to find out!



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Same. I am terrified!!! No matter what there is going to be a lot of crying on Friday. I just really hope they’re tears of happiness.

Does anyone know the acceptance rate for this year?

Hey everyone, Pitzer Applicant here! I’m thrilled to find out my decision on Friday and I wish everyone the best of luck!


Umm… I cannot stop thinking about decisions coming out in less than 48 hours. Does anyone know if pitzer admits by the major or general college?

I am also shocked how small this thread is!!


It’s finally Friday! Hope you all have some good distractions planned as the day crawls by. Thinking good thoughts for everyone!


We are waiting too, but don’t know what to expect after such a crazy ride with in-state California schools this year. Good luck everyone!

Yes to crazy! Are you finding the huge WL predictions to be true?

Yes. My daughter and most of her friends are on several waitlists for UCs and Cal States. Nothing is as predicted, so I think there will be a lot of uncertainty through the spring and summer. In the meantime, more waiting and hard decisions to make in the dark. Hopefully Pitzer will come through. Good luck!

Same to you! Honestly, it feels like a WL this year is pretty great BUT it comes with lots of unknowns. I don’t know how schools can do the math and protect their yields this year without the WL.

It’s actually weird, I’ve gotten waitlisted from all the UC’s I’ve gotten a reponse so far (UCSC, UCSB, UCI, waiting on UCSD and UCB). I’m actually surprised, I thought I would get rejected from more places, considering my UC GPA is just a 3.7 and my regular weighted GPA is a 3.6 (unweighted is 3.3 yikes). At the same token I feel like thanks to the uncertanity inherented with this year’s application, many students have been able to “finesse” their way and get into schools they wouldn’t be able to get into thanks to implementations like optional standardized test scores. Like I got into CPSLO, NEU, UIUC, UMich, and other great schools I never thought I would get into and I don’t think I would get into normally. I also got waitlisted from some good campuses like UChicago (to be fair I did RIBS with them), Trinity College, freaking MIT (how, I will never know lol)(Also this isn’t me trying to brag I’m just alluding to the notion that I am a product of this obscure admissions cycle). This year is just very weird in general, but in the end I personally feel like we as students will persist and thrive in wherever college we will attend because we are strong, reslient, determined, and multi-faceted individuals. If we don’t see each other at Pitzer, I wish us the best of luck wherever we go this Fall :slight_smile:


You have an awesome attitude! Are you ok just waiting it out and staying on a bunch of WLs?

Honestly I’m fine with it, it helps me narrow down my options in my opinion. Like I already withdrew from the UCSC waitlist, and that helped me look into where I would want to stay in the waitlist or not.

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