Pitzer College - Fall Transfer 2019

Anyone applied to Pitzer as a fall 2019 transfer?

yes i did as well

I did too

What are you transfer stories @citytech99 @oceansquare

I applied as well from a cc in California

@laracroft12 I go to a top 25 school in California, and applying to Transfer to another school! How about you?

@oceansquare I got to a t30 school on the east coast! Looking to transfer Into a lac :slight_smile:

@laracroft12 Nice!! Good luck to you! Have you applied to any other schools? What major and college did you apply for at Pitzer?

Thank you @oceansquare I applied to a few other lac’s (Pomona, scripps, Amherst, Occidental) And also a few UC’s. I wasn’t aware Pitzer had “colleges” lol but I think It was intercultural studies. What about you

@laracroft12 Gotcha! I applied as an Environmental Analysis major. And I applied to Pomona but got flat out rejected. I haven’t heard back from any others but I applied to USC, Northwestern, Cornell, UVA, Vanderbilt, Scripps, McKenna, Wellesley, and WashU.

@oceansquare that’s a great list of amazing schools! I got waitlisted at Pomona so ditto there. What type of school do you attend if you don’t mind me asking? What don’t you like about it?

when will Pitzer send notifications?

may 15 I believe

@laracroft12 cc student from nyc lol, applying to 9 other schools, accepted into 1 so far
have a decent college record with a 3.7- was doing premed and my school does heavy grade deflation
don’t like my current situation- at home for school and really want a change in life and in community. Had an interview with pitzer and claremont (also applied there, fingers crossed) and advocated hard in my essays. im a chill dude and I want to be with students who are passionate and I really want to be involved in my school community hate just being about the books. WANT TO EXPERIENCE LIFE haha
hbu @laracroft12, love your video games btw

also hoping for decisions to come out early before im requried to make my 300 deposit on another school lol if anyone has info on that pls post thx

applied as a engineering-economics major and yeah the pitzer essay was actually short and limited wish they had more options like cmc
hoping for an acceptance

I applied for fall 2019 transfer as well! Spent my first year at a large public and didn’t fit, second year at california cc, and now looking to get into a LAC.

Does anyone know when we get notified?

may 15 I believe

Has anyone visited yet? I’m hoping to this month.