Pitzer college RD 2024

Anybody outchea waiting for pitzer rd decision notification ?

When is it supposed to come out?

I’m guessing next week due to past trends-finger crossed.

does anyone know the past trends? literally all my decisions are coming out next week and I’m so nervous!!!

Past trends would have decisions coming out on 3/20. However, I don’t know if the campuses moving to online learning and most of the students having to move off-campus will change anything.

scripps just came out! does that mean pitzer is tomorrow?

Emailed Pitzer’s admission office today. They responded and confirmed that decisions will be out at the end of this week. Will most likely be Friday since past trends have shown they release on or after the 20th.

Pitzer decisions are out! I got waitlisted :frowning:

D20 was rejected. The first full rejection for her. Oh well…she had a good run. :slight_smile: Good luck everyone!

My daughter was waitlisted! Not sure if she will pursue this as she has already got into some fantastic schools. Good luck to everyone!

ACT: 33
Unweighted GPA: 3.67
A ton of community involvement and interdisciplinary learning

Accepted after deferred ED1

a little late to the thread but was waitlisted, sort of sad but congratulations to everyone who was accepted!