Pitzer College

<p>Hey, im from NJ and just applied Early Action to Pitzer. Anybody on CC go to Pitzer or have family that goes there? Id appreciate any information from admissions to social life to strong programs etc. I already have a viewbook, but I am looking for some people who can give a personal experience/response or if they are in the CA area and are familiar with the school. Is it true Pitzer students are looked down upon by the other 5 Claremont schools since it is the "easiest" admissions? Can anyone help me out? Anyone else apply EA?</p>

<p>Pomona students seem to feel an affinity more with Pitzer students probably because they are on the same teams and don't have that CMC/ Pomona rivalry thing going. They seem to do a lot together as a result. Have you visited. Pitzer is more run down then the other campuses .</p>