Pitzer Diversity Program 2018

Hey everyone! I made this thread just to allow anyone else that have been accepted into the diversity program this year (2018). Please comment name and state your flying in from. Let’s be friends :heart: :))

Lol I applied but I got rejected.Sad but at least I got invited to the online reception.I’m still gonna ED to Pitzer tho. Hope you have fun there lol. Tell me how it went.

Ok do you happen to have an Instagram? I can follow you. And yess I was considering applying ED to Pitzer I hope going there will solidify my decision. Don’t let the rejection deter you from Applying.

Lol pm if you want my instagram. I think it’s almost certain that you’ll get in because the school is spending money on airplane ticket and housing. If they’re spending money on you, that probably means they want an investment which means that they’re gonna want you to attend.