Pitzer Waitlist 2024

Has anybody heard back from Pitzer regarding their waitlist status? Also, does anyone know if Pitzer will even utilize their waitlist? I was waitlisted at Pitzer and was wondering if anyone was offered a spot.

My application status page changed and I can no longer view my waitlist letter. Anyone else having the same issue?

I was accepted off the waitlist on May 1st and I think they said that was the first wave? I got a phone call before the portal update. I think they’ll have more through the end of the month so I wouldn’t worry too much!! Good luck!!

Congrats @psychlol on getting off the waitlist! Pitzer’s an amazing school and you’re so lucky to be going there (hopefully) in the fall. Do you mind sharing some of the things you did to get off the waitlist and your stats?

@twilla007 Thank you so much !! I’m very excited to be going there this fall! My stats weren’t the best, I had a 3.6 gpa and a 28 ACT, but I definitely think that showing a lot of interest is important!! After I got waitlisted, I accepted it and sent a letter of continued interest!! I also spammed them with extra information about myself, like my portfolio and an organization I created my junior yr!! I think just continuously contacting them, no matter how annoying you think you’re being, will definitely help for sure!! I hope this helps!!