Place to buy Harvard hoodies IRL?

<p>I'm not positive if this is the correct place I should have posted but...</p>

<p>Recently, I accidentally spilled black coffee all down my Harvard hoodie. I wanted to wear it this Friday since my high school is having a "college hoodie day," but now there's brown stains all over it. </p>

<p>I know this is kind of petty, but I really wanted to wear my Harvard hoodie for hoodie day. I understand that there are many online stores that sell, but I'm skeptical about whether it will get here early enough so I can wear it on Friday, even with like $20 shipping. So, are there any IRL stores that sell Harvard merchandise?</p>


<p>You’d be better off investigating laundry solutions for stain removal. Rubbing alcohol, egg yolk, vinegar and baking soda are suggested by a quick google search.</p>

<p>@500daysofsunburn‌ - I looked at your posting history, and although this may sound cruel, I honestly think your coffee was doing you a favor. Let it go - you are better off not wearing the Harvard hoodie. Wearing it now is unlikely to do you any favors, and if (years from now, from what I understand) you are accepted to Harvard, you can contemplate the conundrum many Harvard students face, and decide whether you actually want to wear it or not.</p>

<p>I just read the post that I’m sure @BldrDad is referring to. I completely agree with him. Honestly, I found your post deeply disturbing. Beyond forgetting about the hoodie and obsessing about Harvard, I believe you should find someone immediately who can help you deal with all the things you are feeling and going through. The path you are on is dangerously unhealthy to your well being and your future happiness and you need some guidance as soon as possible. You should be enjoying your HS years rather than endlessly plotting and obsessing over getting into Harvard and all the perceived people or other obstacles in your way. You just started freshman year, if you’re this worked up already, how will you function come senior year? Forget Harvard, ditch the stained hoodie and go out and live life. You only get one shot at this.</p>

<p>Harvard and a coffee-stained Harvard sweatshirt have much in common–to get into either you need hard work and resourcefulness. Soak, scrub, apply stain remover, scrub. Google coffee stains. Do your research, clean the mess, take responsibility. That is how you get into Harvard and a clean sweatshirt. </p>